Berliner Nets - Greenville

Berliner Nets - Greenville Overview



The cloverleaf is what sparks the magic in Berliner's newest product line, Greenville. Within this ring, function and design are fused with safety and security; the unique design of the cloverleaf connects ropes without any entanglements or entrapments. Just like magic!


Arguably the centrepiece of the Greenville, the stainless slide is of superb quality, durability, and craftsmanship. Of course, of greater importance to its users is how the stainless slide is in actuality a mystical gateway to another realm. Travel hereupon guarantees passage for any adventurers so brave from our world to the magical.


Natural, durable and beautiful. Bamboo panels are strong and light, and provide a perfect blend of nature and imaginative play. In this way, the Greenville evokes the earthly while at the same time conjures the magical.

The quality of Berliner play equipment is acclaimed worldwide. and for good reason. With unique structures and imaginative designs, Berliner play equipment fosters not only physical, but also psychomotor development.

Berliner's products are long-lasting, vandal resistant, and modular, allowing for great variety in play interaction and near infinite play value. And with flawless service, we guarantee design, installation, and maintenance with a warranty of up to 10 years and a lifelong spare part warranty.

For the Greenville product line, we’ve put the spatial net’s steel-enforced ropes to use in creating a veritably magical climbing house. From this fanstastic vantage, children are free to explore the unlimited reaches of their imagination in a safe and protected way.